Photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of our buildings in 2010.

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We use the hydroelectric power plant in the factory in Herbede as a source of renewable energy.

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Heat recovery

We utilize the waste heat from the melting furnace and the heat treatment furnaces.

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LOHMANN, steel mill in the countryside.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our Corporate Responsibility at LOHMANN. In addition to striving to maintain and improve the high quality of our steel products, increasingly higher demands are being placed on the environmental compatibility of the technologies used.

The measures required for certification of an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001 have been successfully implemented. It certifies that LOHMANN has introduced and maintains an environmental management program to realize our environmental objectives. By converting parts of the production plants from coal and gas furnaces to automatically controlled electric, natural gas, and protective gas burning furnaces using advanced burner and control technologies, we are not only able to meet the emission thresholds required by law, but surpass them by a large margin.

Rainwater is valuable!
Rainwater is fed back into the natural cycle using appropriate facilities. These facilities prevent rainwater from flowing into the sewer system.