In order to meet the demands placed on us by our customers and society in general to realize competitive products and processes and to fulfill the quality considerations and our responsibility to the environment at every level of the company, our integrated quality, environmental and work safety management system (QUAMS) is continuously being improved and developed further.

We document this for our clients and society in general by having our quality management system certified in accordance with international norm DIN EN ISO 9001, while our environment management system is certified in accordance with international norm DIN EN ISO 14001; these measures are accompanied by audits and re-certifications on a regular basis.

Our quality, environment and work safety policy is evaluated by our executive management for its continuing adequacy and is adjusted when needed to fulfill new requirements. All our employees are instructed to comply with the established regulations and to participate responsibly in their continuing optimization.

The company is recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as a certified apprentice training company. In accordance with the German Corporate Sector Supervision and Transparency Act (KonTraG), a certified risk management system has been introduced.

Certificates available for download

Certificate DIN 9001
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Certificate DIN 14001
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Certificate DIN 50001
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Zertifikat Ausbildungsbetrieb
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Riskmanagement Certification
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Wissensbilanz Zertifikat
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Ökoprofit Zertifikat
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Quality Management – DIN 9001

Quality is the sum of all the properties that make our products appropriate for the client. Our recipe for success consists of creating trust in the quality of our products. Our uppermost objective is the improvement of the quality of our products and services. In order to meet this aim, we are constantly analyzing our process sequences and consistently implementing necessary measures for process improvement. Years ago, we implemented our DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-certified quality management system to support all such measures and we are in constant dialog with our auditors for the system’s supervision and improvement. 

Qualitäts- und Umweltpolitik der Friedr. Lohmann GmbH
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Energy management – DIN 50001

Friedr. Lohmann GmbH was one of the first companies to have its energy management system successfully certified according to the latest international standard ISO 50001. TÜV Nord was the certification body.

The energy management system helps us to produce even more sustainably than before, further reduce our energy consumption, and use resources even more efficiently. This new approval documents the philosophy of the family business: active energy, environmental, and quality management is an essential component of our corporate policy. We already use our existing energy resources very efficiently and reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.

The new international standard ISO 50001 focuses on the energy consumption and the energy policy of our company. Through the introduction of an energy management system, we expect to lower our energy costs and attain greater energy efficiency. The topic of energy will thus be handled more professionally and in a more structured manner at the Friedr. Lohmann GmbH. Through efficient energy management, it is possible to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and locate untapped energy savings potential. Furthermore, it makes it possible to quantify the success of efficiency measures.

Apprenticing company

Friedr. Lohmann GmbH promotes a new generation of workers of an industry sector with a promising future and offers industrial training in connection with the educational establishment of the Karrierewerkstatt. Retraining and professional practical training are also part of our apprenticeship possibilities.

The company is certified by the Chamber of Commerce as an apprenticing company in accordance with the applicable educational legislation.
Apprenticeship positions offered so far:

  • Electronics Installer-technical plantIndustrial
  • Mechanic-technical plant
  • Process Mechanic-steel deformation
  • Foundry Mechanic-hand-form casting
  • Mechatronic Worker
  • Industrial Sales Representative
Flyer Ausbildung
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Ökoprofit program

As one of a total of twelve businesses from the Ennepe-Ruhr district, Friedr. Lohmann GmbH has been awarded the Ökoprofit certificate. In the course of the project, the Lohmann project team focused on the secondary processes in terms of environmental protection.

The special feature of the project is the network philosophy. Companies from a wide variety of industries in the Ennepe-Ruhr district exchanged information on the topics of saving water, reducing energy consumption, environmental protection, avoiding waste, and resource efficiency. In addition to Lohmann, other companies from Witten such as Ostermann, Eisenwerke Böhmer, Düchting Pumpen, and Voss Federn have been involved in the project.

At Lohmann, the project resulted in the following environmental improvements and savings:

  • CO2 reduction of 133.5 tons
  • Energy savings of approximately 313,000 kWh
  • Water savings of 740 cubic meters
  • Cost savings of 72,200 euro

Solvency certificate

As one of the first companies in Germany and as the first company in Witten, we were awarded the "CrefoZert" solvency certificate by the Creditreform Rating AG. It certifies that we have a very good credit standing and are creditworthy. In the context of the audit, Lohmann was shown to have a good credit structure and fulfilled all certification criteria.

The credit rating is based on a professional analysis of the annual financial statement by the Creditreform Rating AG as well as the credit information in Creditreform's commercial database. In addition, the current situation and the prospects for the future were analyzed.

Environment Management DIN 14001

Our location, situated on the Ruhr plains between a mill stream and the Ruhr River, has been a special commitment of ours for decades now. Environmental protection is an integral component of our company philosophy and is as such a commitment not just to maintain the standard we have achieved but to also to continue its expansion. In practical terms this means water protection by means of elaborate construction measures, the highest level of air purity maintenance via the very latest filter technology, noise protection through sound insulation measures and landscape conservation in the creation of greenery areas.

Qualitäts- und Umweltpolitik der Friedr. Lohmann GmbH
108 KB (qualitaets_umwelt_energie_arbeitsschutzpolitik.pdf)

Health and safety management – the health of our employees is one of our main priorities.

Health and safety in the workplace have the highest priority at Friedr. Lohmann GmbH. We emphasise the importance of this point through our health and safety guidelines. Employee health and safety targets are company targets that are just as important to us as the targets relating to the quality of the products and the financial success of the company.

For us, it was therefore a logical step to permanently integrate employee health and safety protection into our planning processes. Good performance in health and safety protection is not an accident at our company but the result of systematic and consistent action. Our quality, environmental, and health and safety management manual is our guide in this respect. It describes how health and safety protection should be integrated into the organization of the company and the business processes.

As a guideline for our employees and external companies, we have therefore the following principles in our work safety policy and created 8 basic rules for to ensure safety in the workplace.

Leitsätze zur Arbeitssicherheit
137 KB (leitsaetze_arbeitssicherheit.pdf)
68 KB (sicherheitsdatenblatt.pdf)

Risk Management

Corporate business activity means that risk is unavoidable. But these risks must nevertheless be clear and manageable for the company’s directors. This is why a future-orientated, effective risk management system is such an important and valuable component of the instruments available to executive management for safeguarding the existence of the company, the invested capital and the existing jobs.

In line with this thinking, a corresponding risk management system was introduced in 2006. The system takes a comprehensive view of the internal and external risk areas, evaluates them and compiles them together in an information system. The system’s maintenance and updating is conducted with the assistance of practice-related software. The system provides support in strategic decisions, structural changes and in the operative business.

The risk management system is tested by leading internationally active auditing firms in accordance with IDW PS 340 and acknowledged as an appropriate system as defined by the German Corporate Sector Supervision and Transparency Act (KonTraG).

Intellectual capital report

In 2006, Friedr. Lohmann GmbH factory for special and stainless steels was one of the first companies in Germany to create an intellectual capital statement. In 2010, we were the first company to receive full certification of our intellectual capital statement from the Fraunhofer Academy. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK has developed an audit procedure for certifying the intellectual capital statement according to uniform quality criteria that fulfills the high standards of the pilot project "Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).
The intellectual capital statement has proven to be an effective and efficient tool at our company for business management and for managing our public image. In the meantime, it has become a cornerstone of our strategic management. For the German economy, globalization signifies a dramatic change in the competitive situation and location factors. The knowledge factor and the knowledge-based company management are thus becoming more and more important, especially in a high-wage country like Germany. Our factor for success is our employees. We can only stay competitive through our knowledge and our experience.