Quality and customer satisfaction

The success of a business depends on its power of innovation, its productivity and the quality of services and goods that it provides. Quality assurance is an essential instrument of the sustainability of our competitiveness and it is decisive for our long-term market-success.
LOHMANN has an integrated quality-, environmental- and health and safety-management system, which has been established in accordance with the relevant international standardized systems and is accredited to them. The system is oriented towards active, preventative action and aims for continuous improvement of quality and customer satisfaction.
Well qualified, motivated specialists are guarantors for high quality-standard products as well as for a steady development-process.
The ever-increasing demands placed on our products require us to maintain a constantly high level of quality. Innovative product development and process development, the consistent realisation of methodically applied specific preventative measures, process sequence analysis and the inclusion of all our employees in the continuous improvement process are prerequisites for fulfilling the needs and wishes of our clients to their complete satisfaction.
LOHMANN is a global leader in the manufacture of tooling steels and special steels. We have been developing and producing high-standard, market-leading products in these sectors for over 225 years. Our steels are manufactured with our company’s latest production facilities and processes. Our consistent quality leadership is due not only to our precise understanding of the production processes and our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, but also to our excellent knowledge of our products and their application. In this spirit, quality leadership for us means consistent improvement along the course of the entire added value chain.

Quality by tradition

Producing the highest quality products has always been the top priority at Friedr. Lohmann GmbH. The prizes and certificates awarded in the 19th century at national and international exhibitions are proof of this.

Qualitätspolitik der Friedr. Lohmann GmbH
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