Wear resistant spare parts for shot blasting machines

To combat wear on components in grit blasting machines, Friedr. Lohmann GmbH has developed a number of high-alloyed materials made of wear-resistant steel cast that are characterized by high wear resistance due to the application of custom heat treatments. Such components include, among others, blast wheel blades, distributors, intake parts, and protection plates in various designs. A comprehensive warehouse inventory generally guarantees short delivery times. Shot blasting machines are subject to heavy abrasive wear due to their principle of operation. Friedr. Lohmann GmbH uses the know-how gained from over 225 years of existence as a company to continuously advance the development of its designs and quality in the replacement, thus securing a permanent position as a leader in the market. Using a variety of molding processes (depending on the size of the components and the number ordered), we cast standard replacement parts such as blast wheel blades, distributors, intake parts, and protective segments for a wide variety of different types of plants and systems. We supply wear parts for shot blasting and wheel blasting machines worldwide.

Wear parts for comminution of wood

Wood is a valuable raw material that can be used down to the last shaving. A preliminary comminution process is always required in the production of particle or MDF board or the production of wood chips or pellets for heating purposes. Wear-resistant steel from Lohmann are used for such wear parts to guarantee a long service life.

Wear parts for glass recycling

The abrasive wear on components used to crush glass or other mineral raw materials poses an extreme challenge to the materials used. Lohmann also offers custom solutions for hammers, rotors, crusher jaws, and extrusion dies for glass recycling.