Powder-metallurgical steels

Harder, tougher, more resistant to wear - tool steels manufactured using the powder metallurgy process allow the highest possible alloy content with no major restrictions to the mechanical properties, in contrast to comparable conventional alloy levels. Due to the complex manufacturing process required, a homogeneous structure free of segregation and defects is produced.
Powder-metallurgical steels are characterized by high toughness, the highest possible wear resistance, high processing hardness, and long tool lives.

Typical range of steel products and heat treatment

Pulvermetallurgischer Stahl
PM Material
Brand Name
Richtanalyse %
Typical Analysis %
Härte in HRC nach dem Anlassen in °C
Hardness in HRC after tempering °C
Data Sheet
(Ident.No.)CSiMnCrMoVWCoNiHB max.°C°CHTC
LO-QPM A111.2397A -112,450,90,55,21,19,75  2801140520 - 55060 - 63
LO-QPM 231.3391M-3/21,284,05,03,06,2 2651160540 - 56063 - 65
LO-QPM 601.33922,34,276,56,510,53401150540 - 56068 - 69
LO-QPM 301.3393T-421,34,25,03,16,48,5 3001120540 - 56064 - 67
LO-QPM M41.3395M-41,40,30,34,25,04,05,6 2651160540 - 56064 - 66
LO-QPM T151.3394T-151,550,30,34,0 5,012,05,02851220540 - 58065 - 67

Size tolerances

Pulvermetallurgischer Stahl
P/M-material (powder metallurgical produced steel)
Form / FormAbmessung/ SizesAusführung (geschmiedet, geglüht) / Execution (forged, annealed)
40 - 380 mmAlternativ geschält bzw. überdreht mit Plustol / resp. peeled or turned with plustol.
ab 70 x 20 mmGestrahlt, alternativ bearbeitet / shot-blasted, resp. premachined
ab 40 x 40 mmGestrahlt, alternativ bearbeitet / shot-blasted, resp. premachined

Delivery form and warehouse

Delivery form:
Custom production is available on customer request:  

  • Bars in the manufactured length
  • Pieces sawed to a specific length
  • Rough machined, custom machined according to a drawing, hardened and tempered  

In our main warehouse, we have a supply of special alloys in various sizes as well alloys in standard qualities.