Climate Strategy

Climate Strategy

Climate and environmental protection have always played an important role at our company. We grew up with hydropower and used it to drive our rolling mill. We have also been producing electricity since 2010 with our photovoltaic system. Since 2001 we have had an environmental management system certified according to DIN ISO 14001. We operate two plants in Witten in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. The main plant with a steel mill, forging press, and rolling mill is located in Witten-Herbede and the stainless steel foundry in Witten-Annen.

We want to produce as cleanly as possible and be pioneers in our industry. Environmental protection is an integral part of a modern and innovative company. That is why we have invested heavily in modern and environmentally compatible technologies in recent years and decided to make our foundry (Annen Plant) climate-neutral.

We have been committed to climate and environmental protection out of conviction for generations, and protecting the climate and the environment is deeply rooted in our company culture. The current discussions and movements have also naturally played a role in increasing the importance of this topic for us. More than ever before, we see climate and environmental protection as an investment in the future, not only for the future of our company, but above all for the lives of future generations. That is why our motto is “Thinking in generations”.

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Climate and environmental protection have always played an important role at our company.

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