• Bottom-casting material / fireproof materials
    • King bricks, Sleeve bricks, Low-dust casting ladle covers

  • Steel casting ingot moulds

  • Group teeming bottom plates

  • Exothermic products
    • Inserts, Filters, Hoods

  • Welding & flow powders

  • Sands
    • Shell mould sand, Pit-iron sand

  • Electronics supplies, incl.
    • Replacement parts for Siemens S5 & S7 control systems

  • DIN/Standard parts
    • Screws and accessories, Bearings, Retaining rings

  • Lubricants
    • Diesel fuel, Oils, Greases

  • Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment
    • Filters- Seals, Threaded connections

  • Work Safety Articles
    • incl. articles for high-temperature operations

  • Filler materials

  • Technical gases
    • Liquid nitrogen (tank), Oxygen, Acetylene

  • Packaging material
    • Palettes, Cartons, Tools/Measuring instruments, Saw bands, Abrasives



Please send information and offers to Thorsten Sümmermann:
Telephone: +49 2302 - 70 14 199

Raw materials and semi-finished goods

We purchase the following materials for use in the melt shop of our company:

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Auxiliary materials and operating materials

We purchase the following auxiliary materials and operating materials for our company:

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We use the following services at our company:

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