Induction melting furnaces

Our high-quality steels are melted in our induction melting furnaces. The comparatively small melting-aggregate allows a large degree of flexibility, which offers Lohmann the opportunity to develop special programs for specific requests.

Moreover, induction furnaces have the advantage that the pre-determined analysis can be kept very precisely since very little evaporation and slagging of the alloy-metals takes place. 
Pre-sorted scrap in high-grade steel, which is almost 100% recyclable, forms the basis of the load material; the fine-tuning of the melt-analysis takes place with ferrous alloys, highly available in alloy-metal, which are added in measured doses after the computer-assisted spectroscopic analysis.

VOD Plant

With our new VD/VOD plant, we are able to produce products with even higher quality so we can adapt to the increasingly complex market demands. In particular, it improves the degree of purity as well as lowers the gas content. Our VD/VOD technology has also allowed us to expand our product range.

ESR Plant

With our own ESR Plant, we have the capability to fulfill the most demanding requests concerning the isotropic structure and the degree of purity of the respective qualities.

Forging Press

At the forging press, ingots are formed into material that is used in the steel metal-rolling factory and semi-finished products are formed for further processing in the hammer shop or to steel bars as finished products in different measurements and qualities. Through efficient rotational hearth-, bogie hearth and insertion furnaces, the steel is heated to the appropriate forging temperature beforehand. Carefully controlled annealing processes guarantee optimal delivery-structure and the best possible machinability.

Plate grinding equipment

Fully automated high performance plate grinding equipment in a sound-proof workshop enhances the grinding process and optimizes the work flow. 

Rolling mill

Customer specific sheet dimensions are produced in the company-owned hot rolling mill, paying particular attention to customer requirements. In order to guarantee the highest quality, all sheets are produced by cross rolling. The delivery-condition for the customer-specific repeat processing is achieved through an annealing process in a controlled atmosphere as well as through a flattening process. Thickness-tolerance checks using an ultrasonic device as well as surface checks on each piece of sheet is an integral part of the quality assurance process prior to dispatch to the customer.

Straightening, cutting, and separating machines

Downstream straightening, laser cutting and separating machines produce sheet products according to increasing customer demands.

Special formats of strips and circles as well as special forms of tools are available through subsequent shearing-, sawing- and laser cutting processes of the sheets.


Computer-controlled high shelving for bar steel and sheets is just one piece in the mosaic of our long-term planning. Our customers have the advantage of shorter delivery times.


Main plant

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Information on the main plant

Stainless steel foundry

Friedr. Lohmann GmbH

Brauckstr. 37
D-58454 Witten-Annen

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Information on the stainless steel foundry


General enquiries for steel products
(bar and sheet steel):
Henning Bäing
Phone: +49 (0) 2302 - 7014-156

General enquiries for foundry products (wear and heat-resistant castings):
Karsten Reuter
Phone: +49 (0) 2302 - 8906-45