Our “Lohmann Honey” is very popular every year with our employees.

We have had industrious “employees” on our business premises since 2017.

A total of 13 bee colonies are located here, and they eagerly do their work all around our company premises. As we all know, bees are an important part of our environment and are indispensable for our ecosystem. Bees contribute to the pollination of wild and cultivated plants. More than half of all wild bee species in Germany are threatened or already extinct. The decline in the number of bee species can have a dramatic impact on biodiversity. That is why we are very happy to be able to offer them a home on our premises.

Tree donation initiative

On the occasion of our 230th company anniversary in 2020, we decided to support the “Stone Age Forest Tree Planting Campaign” of the EN-Agentur in Hattingen.

The trees were planted in the old Rauen quarry in Witten. The result will be a Neolithic forest. The advantage of this project is that the trees and plants of the Neolithic period are much better adapted to warmer temperatures and arid environments, and are therefore more resistant to the environmental changes resulting from climate change.  

The tree planting campaign allowed us to make an additional contribution to climate protection.  A total of 74,200 kg of CO2 can be compensated through the 28 trees we donated.

We would also like to support further projects by donating trees in the future.

Water protection

Because our plant in Witten-Herbede is so close to the Ruhr River, water protection is also particularly important to us, which is why we also use water sparingly as a resource. We use a separate sewer system in both plants. The rainwater collected is returned to the Ruhr or the Grotenbach, and therefore to the natural water cycle. The production wastewater generated at the Herbede plant is fed into the local mill canal after passing through a multi-stage wastewater treatment plant.


Climate Strategy: Quality - Environment - Work Safety

Climate and environmental protection have always played an important role at our company.

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Renewable Energy

From photovoltaic systems and hydropower to the steel recycling system

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Climate Footprint / Climate Neutrality

The first CO2-neutral foundry

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Energy Efficiency and Resource Conservation Measures

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of our buildings in 2010.

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Hands-on environmental protection

Our “Lohmann Honey” is very popular every year with our employees.

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FAQ on Climate Neutrality

Questions and answers on the topic of climate neutrality

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