Our own hydroelectric power plant, which produces about 4 million kWh of climate-neutral electricity, is an important cornerstone of our energy-saving measures. In addition, we generate around 200,000 kWh of power from our own photovoltaic system. We also use a heat recovery system to recover the waste heat from the melting furnace and the heat treatment furnaces.

The term “heat recovery” refers to the reuse of thermal energy. Heat exchangers are usually used for this purpose. They are used at our company, for example, near the furnaces of the steel mill and rolling mill, where a large part of the waste heat is recovered and used for heating purposes. The whole idea and purpose behind recovering heat is to save energy (e.g. electricity and gas), and therefore reduce the associated CO2 emissions.

We have also achieved additional savings through investments in energy and resource efficiency. Examples of such investments include: Investment in a VOD ladle degassing system with a volume saving of 560 tons of CO2 per year. Construction of a new induction melting furnace with a potential CO2 savings of about 80 tons of CO2 per year. Investment in a “Modular production line for the energy-efficient and resource-saving production of steel castings (Modulcast)” with a total potential savings of about 563 tons of CO2 per year. Furthermore, all production halls owned by the Lohmann company were converted to LED lighting with a total potential savings of about 380 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, we have made numerous investments in the area of energy efficiency and the systematic use of the process heat generated. 

In total, emissions of about 4088 tons of CO2 per year were either avoided or saved.

Measures already implemented

Conversion of the lighting to LED in all production halls and outdoor areas 
Installation of thermal insulation in the production halls 
Optimization of the burner technology used in the heat treatment furnaces and the ladle burner
Conversion to fresh air ventilation
Conversion from CO2 lasers to fiber lasers
Ventilation systems are only run when needed
Special attention is paid to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient measures when making investments (e.g. ECO mode sand preparation)
Utilization of waste heat (plate and rotational hearth furnaces as well as the induction furnaces) for heating purposes and for supplying hot water
Large investments in resource efficiency and energy efficiency measures (Modulcast molding facility, vacuum degassing plant, etc.)
Installation of a photovoltaic system with an output of 243 kWp
Modernization of the power supply system Modernization of a compressor system as well as of heating systems and pumps
Continuous modernization of all systems to ensure they comply with the state of the art 
Optimization of the recycling and scrap management systems
Digitalization of processes to optimize their output and avoid rejects


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