Supply materials

We purchase

  • Scrap metals, metals and alloys

  • Scrap Chippings
    • Chad and waste pieces from sheet steel, reels, rods and wires in low carbon, non-alloy steel products

  • Unmixed heavy plate steel waste and pressed packets in non-rust austenitic steels, (e.g., W. No.1.4301, W. No.1.4541) ferritic steels (approximately 13% Cr or alternatively approximately 17 % Cr)

  • Unmixed Scrap Metals
    • Cold-working steel
    • Hot-working steel
    • High-speed steel
  • Ferro Alloys
    • e.g., Fe-Si, Fe-Mn, Fe-Cr, Fe-Mo, Fe-W, Fe-V

  • Pure Metals
    • e.g., Cr-, Mo-, W-, Co-, Ni metal

The material must be in delivery condition and able to undergo direct further processing in our melting aggregates without any prior extensive preparation, sorting or drying, and must pose no hazards for the environment or the safety and health of the personnel.

  • Ingots
    • Tooling steels for further processing on our forging equipment (Including non-rust and powder metallurgic manufactured steels)

  • Heat-Resistant Steels
    • Investment Casting in general, pipes, steel sheets, steel bars, wire mesh

Please send information and offers to Frau Hage: 
Telephone: +49 2302 - 70 14 150

Raw materials and semi-finished goods

We purchase the following materials for use in the melt shop of our company:

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Auxiliary materials and operating materials

We purchase the following auxiliary materials and operating materials for our company:

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We use the following services at our company:

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